TechTrees ($TTC) and Green Energy

2 min readNov 4, 2022


TechTrees was born from Elon Musk’s vision of sustainable future with reduced carbon emissions. We at TechTrees, moved an inch further towards this goal by launching state of art Swap, and Staking platform.

TTC Swap

TTC Swap is one of its kind swap where the users can exchange USDT, BNB to TTC and vice versa. For every $ exchanged to TTC, users earn 1 Green Energy.

Green Energy

The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy ~Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Green Energy is the reward user earns by staking or using our swap. Green Energy is based on Soul Based Tokens which can be redeemeed in the following ways:

  • GameFi NFT Sapling
  • Mystery Box
  • GameFi Game Internal Props (Fertilizer, Kettle, Pruner, Herbicide)
  • Upgrade game props
  • Upgrade level (the higher the level the faster the growth rate)
  • Quiz module (separate from GameFi)
  • TTC Membership Card Can be Upgraded by accumulating SBT Achievement Badge points.


TTC staking offers 5 different models and these are:

  • Regular Staking for SBT tokens Multiplier 1.0X (Pow)
  • Regular Staking for SBT Green Energy
  • Locked Staking for 30 days Multiplier 1.5X (Pow) + SBT Green Energy
  • Locked Staking 60 days Multiplier 2.0X (Pow) + SBT Green Energy
  • Locked Staking 120 days Multiplier 4.0X (Pow) + SBT Green Energy